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AlcoDrugLimit® Onsite Workplace Pre Employment Drug and Alcohol Collection Service.

AlcoDrugLimit ® can provide onsite drug and alcohol testing for your workplace in accordance with AS/NZ4308;2008 and AS4760:2006. Some Industries stipulate the drug & alcohol screening is carried out by an NATA approved facility, whilst AlcoDrugLimit ® is not an NATA approved facility AlcoDrugLimit ® can send non negative samples as required to an NATA certified Laboratory, which is the same Laboratory that NATA approved facilities utilize for their non negative results given by donors.

 AlcoDrugLimit ® receives within a few days from the NATA certified laboratory a report with reference to the non negative screening result which is forwarded to the employer/individual plus a copy to the donor employee or job seeker.

NATA approved reports are particularly important for Safety Sensitive Industries such as Aviation, the Professional Driver of Taxi, Coach/Bus & Heavy Vehicles, Mining etc. Insurance companies are looking closer at reasons why personal injuries occur in the workplace, as part of WHS, Drug & Alcohol testing is more common in the workplace now days.

Reasons drug and alcohol testing can be conducted for a workplace in Australia.

1. Random - Employees can be selected randomly under their workplace Drug and Alcohol Policy.

2. Post Incident - A drug and alcohol test is carried out post an incident and under many workplace Drug and Alcohol Policies and to meet WHS standards of the industry concerned.

3. Show Cause - Employees may be tested where there is reasonable evidence they may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol within their workplace duties of employment.

AlcoDrugLimit® service for Business and Individuals -

Testing for Substances of abuse in the workplace - AMP, MET, COC, THC, OPI and BZO's.

Certain requirements are needed to be met for onsite testing, please contact us for more details and pricing guide.

AlcoDrugLimit® Certified Drug and Alcohol Screening Officers are accredited under the following standards:

  • AS/NZ 4308:2008 - Procedures for specimen collection and the detection of drugs of abuse in urine.
  • AS 4760:2006 - Procedures for specimen collection, detection AND quantity of drugs in oral fluid.
  • AS 3547:1997 - Breath Alcohol Testing devices for personal use.

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