Something to Consider:: AlcoDrugLimit® suggest, You are best to check yourself regarding Drugs (including legally prescribed medications) and whether you may be over the applicable Alcohol limit before driving or going to work.

You may be over the limits, set by your employers Drug and Alcohol Policy, in addition to the current state laws and legislation relevant to your mode of transport.

Various Industries ::  Currently several Australian industries have mandatory Drug and Alcohol screening in place for pre employment and onsite DAMP testing during work hours in accordance with their Drug and Alcohol Policy. AlcoDrugLimit® understand more industries are looking at ways and means to reduce lost time and money through injuries in particular that are results of abuse of Drugs and or Alcohol by individual employees. 

It is therefore a major benefit for companies as a duty of care to include and enforce their Drug and Alcohol policy in the workplace. Businesses of all sizes can approve employees with current accreditation as obtained through AlcoDrugLimit®  The staff member can gain their Accreditation in collecting samples for determination of drugs or alcohol abuse by distance learning through approved RTO Onsite Diagnostics AlcoDrugLimit® is an approved re selling agent for the RTO,

Drugs don't have to be illegal drugs to put you over the Australian cut off limits for employment.

Alcohol - Most industries have guidelines for BAC - Blood Alcohol Content limits at workplace, it is in your interest to check you are within the limits.

Drug and Alcohol testing can be conducted in a workplace in Australia.

1. Random - Employees can be selected randomly under their workplace Drug and Alcohol Policy.

2. Post Incident - A drug and alcohol test is carried out post an incident and under many workplace Drug and Alcohol Policies and to meet WHS standards of the industry concerned.

3. Show Cause - Employees may be tested where there is reasonable evidence they may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol within their workplace duties of employment.

AlcoDrugLimit can provide Individuals with self testing products - Are you under the legal limits to go to work ?

Consider the complications and probably lost income if you are over the legal limits for Drug & Alcohol at your workplace in Australia,

Products are available from AlcoDrugLimit to help you to know Your Alcohol or Drug Limits with accurate results by testing yourself in private,the price may be worth it in comparison to registering a non negative result at your workplace or whilst driving.

  • Example test for 7 drugs and alcohol, ideal for self testing before driving or working, available from AlcoDrugLimit®


  • Self Testing for - AMP - Amphetamine, MET - Methamphetamine, COC - Cocaine, THC - Marijuana, OPI - Opiates and BZO - Benzodiazepines
  • Test the Drug is what you think it is - AlcoDrugLimit® can supply you with personal test kits to help you know the quality and what is in the product.

AlcoDrugLimit® -  sell training courses provided by RTO Onsite Diagnostics pty ltd and are approved to sell their products such as the Enforcer 3 Breathalzyer at less than RRP, Please visit AlcoDrugLimit®Online Shop


  • Breathalzer - Breath alcohol testing device for personal use under AS 3547:1997

AlcoDrugLimit Onsite Drug Alcohol testing distance learning