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AlcoLimit® Protector Vehicle Interlock Breathalyser To Help Improve WorkPlace Safety


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AlcoLimit® Protector Vehicle Interlock Breathalyser- Buy Direct from AlcoDrugLimit®

Professional Use: Protect your fleet vehicles from staff driving under the influence of alcohol. A quick driver self test is required in order to start the ignition, ensuring your staff never drive work vehicles under the influence.
Professional grade Australian Standards AS3547 approved electrochemical Fuel Cell Sensor breathalyser. Ideal for workplace fleet vehicles or for people coming off of a court-ordered interlock to assist in preventing a second offence. 

- 3 decimal place accuracy, - Connects to all 12v car ignition systems, - Connects to 24v truck and heavy vehicle ignitions, - Heavy duty fuel cell sensor, - Range of 0.000-0.400%BAC, - Large digital display,  - Simple and easy to use,  - Rapid results, - Australian Standards AS3547 approved.

The AlcoLimit Protector Vehicle Interlock is an ideal solution to keep your fleet vehicles and forklifts safe from employees driving under the influence. Employees simply blow into the Protector breathalyser handset and if there is no alcohol present the ignition can be started. Available in both 12v and 24v options.

The AlcoLimit Protector Vehicle Interlock are very popular with people coming off of a court ordered interlock device. The Protector Interlock provides the same level of protection against drink driving to ensure a second offence does not occur. As anyone who has been caught DUI will know, it is very costly getting caught the first time but the second time you get caught the penalties imposed are much heavier.

A simple module is connected to the ignition (any auto electrician can install it) which is either activated or deactivated by the result provided by the AlcoLimit Protector Interlock breathalyser handset.The breathalyser handset can also be used independently as a portable breath alcohol tester allowing you to test yourself at the pub prior to going out to your vehicle.

Recommended for use in all workplaces, transport, construction, mining, airports, engineering & manufacturing. Ideal for screening all employees in safety sensitive fields or sales representatives out on the roads.
3 decimal point accuracy with a range of 0.000%BAC to 0.400%BAC.

Conforming to Australian Standards AS3547 ensures the accuracy, durability and functionality of the Protector breathalyser has been thoroughly tested.

In-built Safety and Precision Technologies

AlcoLimit's Flow Control Technology means that the sensor checks the flow rate of your breath and must receive an adequate air sample before it will provide you with a reading. This is just one of the safety measures built into the AlcoLimit range

AlcoLimit's Intelli-sensor Recognition Technology checks the sensor condition every time you use your breathalyser. Stability of the sensor is analysed as well as the level of alcohol residue built-up on the sensor. An indication will be given if the sensor needs recalibration.

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