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Everything you need to maintain the integrity of your test specimen

Why do I need all of these accessories?

Under Australian Standards AS/NZS4308:2008 & AS4760:2006 test integrity is extremely important and can mean the difference between your results holding up in a court of law or not. In order to maintain test integrity and ensure no contamination takes place during the testing process it is important to use the correct PPE and biohazard containment products

Drug Testing in the Workplace Accessories Available from AlcoDrugLimit.

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Various Drug & Alcohol Testing products are listed in the AlcoDrugLimit Store..

  1. Chain of Custody Starter Pack 
    Chain-of-custody pack includes all personal protective equipment and packaging equipment required to perform 25 initial drug tests and 3 donor confirmations. THE CHAIN OF CUSTODY PACK (PLEASE SELECT URINE OR SALIVA). CONTENTS:  25 X UNDERPADS,  3 X BIOHAZARD CONFIRMATION BAGS,  6 X SALIVA OR URINE CONFIRMATION VIALS, 9 X SECURITY SEALS,  2 X YELLOW BIOHAZARD BAGS, 1 X BOX OF 100 MEDICAL GLOVES.
  2. Tamper Evident Security Seals            
    Highest grade tamper evident security seals. The same quality used by the Federal police. Includes both donor and collector signature areas. (Pack of 50)
  3. Saliva 5ml Specimen Vial         
    5ml saliva (oral fluid) specimen laboratory grade container used to transport saliva specimens to the laboratory for testing. Pack of 25
  4. Urine Specimen Cup                  
    70ml urine sample laboratory grade container used to transport a urine sample to the laboratory for confirmatory testing.
  5. Disposable Apron                           
    Disposable aprons for protection when performing saliva or urine drug testing. Thin, disposable full length apron. Pack of 10
  6. Foam Cooler Box (esky)   
    Medical quality, foam cooler box for carrying, storing and/or transporting specimens to the laboratory. 
  7. Underpad                          
    Underpad sheets used to prevent contamination from a test surface.
  8. Chain of Custody Triplicate Booklet           
    Chain of custody triplicate paperwork designed in accordance with Australian Standards requirements.  50 pages per booklet 
  9. Biohazard Transport Box 
    Laboratory specimen biohazard transportation box is required to transport specimens to the laboratory under IATA 650 packaging and transportation regulations.  
  10. Biohazard Waste Bag 
    Biohazard waste bags used to correctly dispose of biological waste products. Pack of 10

  11. We provide a large range of gloves in SMALL, MEDIUM & LARGE sizes, with or without powder, in either latex, vinyl or nitrile. Pack of 100 
  12. Biohazard Confirmation Bags
    Red tinted bio-hazard laboratory confirmation bags used to package drug test samples to transport to a laboratory for confirmation testing.
    Pack of 10
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